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Combining digital and traditional dentistry

in your Dental Practice

Patient Case Planning and Design Software

Experience Prosthetic Design Center

PDC is a suite of software tools and workflows developed by Stoneglass Industries that gives you the power to plan and design all aspects of the restorative process for your patient.

Through desktop or intral-oral scanning, PDC provides tools to design custom trays, implant indexing jigs, diagnostic waxups and radiographic guides, all that can be readily exported and 3D printed in your own practice.

PDC has been designed to work harmoniously and not to replace proven traditional techniques and workflows, bringing together the best of digital and analog technologies.

At the core of PDC is a precision approach to patient care, without the need to change the way you practice.

PDC's ground-breaking tooth setup module allows you to have full control of the final tooth position whether for implant, dentition of mucosa borne restorations.  This gives you the freedom to 3D print try-ins prior to having provisional or final prostheses manufactured in Stoneglass Industries' world leading manufacturing and dental laboratory facility.

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Dental Tools in Pocket

Supporting clinical education and patient care...

Dentist Appointment

PDC for Clinicians

Don't change the way you practice...

Offering a Software Suite and Laboratory Services that allows the CAD CAM Creation of Partial or Full-Arch Removable
and Fixed Prostheses Supported by Dentition, Implants or Mucosa.

PG Prosthodontic Residents Laboratory

PDC for Educators

Don't change the way you teach...

Offering Simulation & Virtual Planning for Case-based Learning, Continuity of Education, and Patient Care.  This includes an e-Learning platform capable of supporting your entire Dental School.

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Creating a synergy between digital and traditional dentistry.

At Stoneglass our philosophy on digital dentistry is unique. We strongly believe we should embrace what knowledge we have, use traditional where it works well, and use CAD CAM technology to improve and complement what we do to become better at it.  


We want to help professionals to become multi-skilled, to help improve communication between everybody involved in the patient’s treatment plan, as well as provide the highest quality prosthetics.

To that end, our R&D activities have been geared towards producing software, workflows, products and manufacturing processes that provide:

  • improved communication

  • better collaboration

  • traceability

  • predictability

  • education

  • enhancement of traditional skills

That is what digital dentistry means to Stoneglass and what defines PDC.

1900's Dental Laboratory
Dental Students Simulation Clinic
1900's Dental Laboratory
Dental School Simulation Clinic
1900's Dental Laboratory
Intral oral scanning


Stoneglass Inc. 52 Yonkers Terrace Suite 3F Yonkers, NY 10704 USA

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Stoneglass Industries, Unit 26, 11-21 Underwood Road, Homebush, NSW 2140, Australia

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