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PDC Solutions

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Patient Chart

The patient chart is your hub to manage the restorative workflows for your patient.  3D scans, photographs and the history of diagnostics, planning and prostheses design are all grouped together in a single file.


Design tools allow you to create bite rims, custom impression trays, and implant indexing jigs that you can readily 3D print in-house.  Virtual diagnostic setups can be designed and implant, dentition or mucosa borne try-ins can be readily 3D printed.


Implant Planning

With PDC you can design radiographic templates allowing you to use proprietary Correlation techniques to superimpose digital designs directly into your implant planning software.  Surgery conversion models can be designed and 3D printed in-house, leading to immediate loaded restorations being manufactured.

Complete Dentures

From the common virtual setup module, the complete denture can be designed, along with denture base and festooning.  Changes to tooth cards and aesthetics can be readily made without having to re-wax the entire case.  The final denture is manufactured by Stoneglass with our proprietary and industry leading milled denture solution using actual Kulzer denture teeth, providing outstanding aesthetics and performance.


Removable Partial Dentures

As an extension to the complete denture design, partial dentures supported by existing dentition can be designed, 3D printed for try-in and manufactured by Stoneglass with acrylic or chrome reinforcement.  Our proprietary manufacturing process allows us to use actual Kulzer denture teeth.

Implant Borne Restorations

From the digital setup, a wide array of implant borne prostheses can be manufactured by Stoneglass.  From our acrylic provisional implant bridges, to final Acrylic Hybrids, Removable Overdentures, Full Ceramic eMax and Zirconia crown implant bridges.  All of our implant borne restorations feature individual crowns bonded to titanium frameworks.

Hands Up

Clinical Support

PDC is backed by Stoneglass' team of industry specialists providing clinical support and education in applying our workflows with your cases, and support in using the software modules.

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