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PDC For Clinicians

Don't change the way you practice...

Your goal as a clinician in providing advanced precision-based clinical care mirrors our goal of providing the most technologically advanced and precision based software and laboratory services that supports your efforts.

Stoneglass has always been an industry of innovation. As you might be aware, our endeavor is to provide leading software (Prosthetic Design Center) that functions also as a clinical workflow allowing for the design and manufacture of prostheses. It serves as a platform that creates a transparent connection between clinicians and technicians in a way not seen in other systems. The distinctive and most important feature of our system is the preservation of major prosthodontic principles and practices. We honor and encourage border molding, incorporation of the facebow and articulator settings, as well as the value of occlusion. The creation of complete denture prostheses without the use of models is one example of how our digital software can be used to unite traditional with progressive approaches.


The array of prostheses that can be generated, aside from CDs, RPDs, and Implant based try-in/definitive prostheses, includes custom trays, bite blocks, verification jigs, radiographic, surgical and VDO guides, guards, model generators and more. This is all done within the same software where you have full control to independently custom design the type of prosthesis YOU want as a clinician for your patient.

As a research facility and laboratory partnered with multiple universities, we have created a software suite that marries the analog and digital worlds to provide an enhanced precision approach to patient care with a logical familiar workflow. More specifically, our technology and system appeals to prosthodontists and restorative clinicians because it simultaneously provides the ability to design and manufacture removable and fixed prostheses supported by dentition, implants or mucosa. Our manufacturing facility incorporates both modern technology and R&D in order to provide high quality prostheses.

Our objective is to share this synergy. These challenging times have highlighted the need for being able to custom create prostheses and address complex treatment plans virtually in order to limit chairtime and increase precision, functionality, and patient acceptance. PDC can be used in the office or at home. If desired, we can provide a demonstration/seminar regarding the software itself and its application within clinical practice. We can help you create an inclusive system from scanning to printing and offer packages to address your specific needs.

Ultimately our goal is to dispel the myth that digital must replace analog approaches and that instead a strong validation arises from maintaining that connection and providing optimal solutions to address the comprehensive and complex needs of our patients. We look forward to serving you as a clinical and laboratory partner.

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