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PDC for Educators

Don't change the way you teach...

Your goal as an organization mirrors our goals in providing the best educational support while enhancing the connection between students, residents, and prosthodontists with laboratory services and clinical care.

Stoneglass has always been an industry of innovation. As you might be aware, our endeavor is to provide leading educational software (Prosthetic Design Center) that functions also as a clinical workflow allowing for the design and manufacture of prostheses. The distinctive and most important feature of our system is the preservation of major prosthodontic principles and practices. Certain companies producing CADCAM software have walked away from educational foundations that they may not understand, or appreciate…. or they simply ignore what is taught and emphasized in academic programs. We instead honor and encourage border molding, incorporation of the facebow and articulator settings, as well as the value of occlusion. We respect how prosthodontics is taught traditionally and do not believe that should change.


As a research facility and laboratory partnered with multiple universities, we have created a software suite that marries the analog and digital worlds to provide an enhanced precision approach to patient care. More specifically, our technology and system appeals to prosthodontists and both predoctoral students and postdoctoral residents because it simultaneously provides the ability to virtually design and manufacture removable and fixed prostheses supported by dentition, implants or mucosa.

Our objective is to share this synergy. These challenging times have highlighted the need for remote learning or limiting chairtime. The software can be downloaded to student personal or on-site computers and scanned demo cases can be deployed to entire classes. Students can be instructed to evaluate, critique or come up with new tooth set-ups along with festooning, preparing for try-in and return to their instructor for evaluation. Instructors receive notifications when cases are ready for their review and folders are instantly created on the instructor’s computer which will house a portfolio of the students’ efforts. A case can be looked up within the software database as well.

If desired, we can provide a demonstration/seminar regarding the software itself and its application within academia and how it translates to clinical practice. Having worked with universities and inherent IT security issues, we can help you build compatible solutions to installing an inclusive system from scanning to printing and offer packages to address your specific needs.

Ultimately our goal is to dispel the myth that digital must replace analog approaches and that instead a strong validation arises from maintaining that connection and providing optimal solutions to address the comprehensive and complex needs of our patients while educating our students in a world of advancing technology.

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